We at ambience are always striving to give something back to the communities we work in, so we recently under took some work clearing away quite a lot of green waste which had been cut back on a site in bath at Fairfield House. The problem was the charity who did the work couldn’t dispose of the waste and there chairman Steve Nightingale contacted us to see if we could help. Whilst it wasn’t the biggest job, it certainly involved some hard graft, but we were only to happy to help!

We recycle 100% of our green waste into a reusable soil conditioner, which we use on our clients site’s, free of charge to help improve the look of there sites, so this wasn’t a problem and free of charge we sent a team down 2 days after being asked to clear away the waste.

See below some before during and after picture’s and a testimonial from Steve after the works had been completed.

Fairfield House is blessed with volunteer gardeners who selflessly give up their time to help keep the House looking good, but sometimes we need help from experts. Ambience Landscapes came to our rescue by removing a large pile of garden waste which had accumulated from all the hard work.

 We’re very grateful to Ambience in their help in keeping the grounds and the House in a state befitting its status as His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I former residence.

Steve Nightingale


The Friends of Fairfield House

078 25 612 188