Environmental Policy

Ambience Landscapes Limited intends to standardise implementation of ISO14001:2015 throughout the organisation to further enhance its existing rigorous operational regard for environmental responsibility.

The aim of Ambience Landscapes Limited environmental systems is to ensure that, in a cost effective manner, we meet the needs and expectations of our existing and future customers by providing and contributing to the health and well-being of our staff, customers, the wider community and the protection of the environment.

Ambience Landscapes Limited recognise the need for working within economic constraints and regulatory requirements to demonstrate high standards of environmental care and operational performance in the controlled transfer and disposal of waste materials used in the provision of Landscaping Services.

Environmental issues are of great concern to our staff, customers, suppliers and the community as a whole and, in recognising this, we are committed to strive for continuous environmental improvement throughout all our business operations and activities.

Ambience Landscapes Limited aims to:

  • Provide services to the required quality and environmental standards
  • Monitor environmental performance, environmental aspects and their impacts from a life-cycle perspective
  • Pursue the prevention of pollution and continuously improve the delivery of service to our customers
  • Meet all legal and regulatory obligations for the environment
  • Ensure that appropriate training is provided in the environmental aspects of our activities and operations
  • Ensure the safe and environmentally acceptable disposal of wastes from our operations by way of approved and secure disposal options
  • Recycle and Use Recycled materials wherever possible
  • Ensure that environmental issues are taken into account at an early stage in the planning of new projects
  • Adhere to company procedures relevant to environmental issues and control
  • Ensure that this policy is supported with adequate resources and reviewed at regular intervals.