We at Ambience are always prepared for what ever nature can throw at us, especially this time of year, so if you need any winter works done, please check out the Winter Weather service’s we provide –

• Leaf clearing from lawns, paths or any hard standings you may have.
• Gutter clearing to any property under 15m high (other heights will be considered).
• Fence repairs (due to damaged or fallen fencing because of strong winds).
• Tree works (fallen branches or trees removed).
• Path gritting either before expected icy/snowy conditions or after.
• Snow clearing of paths, car parks and site access roads, with gritting included after.
• Grit bin installation.
• Grit bin filling.
• Pressure washing of all paths to remove moss, algae or dirt, as a slip prevention measure.
• Treating of moss on any hard standings.

If you are interested in any of the above, please contact us for a free quotation.