Helping Bradley Stoke in Bloom

We at Ambience have always been keen to work with the local community, recently we have decided to help Bradley Stoke in Bloom, brighten up there town, free of charge.

On Saturday 18th January 2014, we are taking along as Much of our 100% recycled Ambience Bio Mulch (weed suppressant bark) as we can fit onto our van and dropping it on site, for the Bradley Stoke in Bloom folk to tidy up there beds around the Bradley Stoke Surgery.

We have also already donated Daffodil bulbs to brighten up the entire town.

This is are way of giving back to the community at no cost to them and fulfils part of our obligation to recycle and reuse all our green waste products.

Here’s to a bright and environmentally friendly future for us, Bradley stoke and all of the local community.