Christ The King Church community project

Christ The King Church community project

We at Ambience grounds maintenance over the last few years, have always strived to give back to local communities, through community project’s, utilising our skill sets and this year is no different. We have recently committed to a community project in Knowle west in Bristol for the local church.

The grounds around the church had become very untidy and un kempt, the very large laurel hedge surrounding the grounds was very over grown with Hugh elders and brambles growing out of the tops and sides which was very unsightly and made an already unloved area look even worse, not to mention anyone who went to church or used the public path into the local school, had little path to walk up and down, which was becoming dangerous.

Father Michael (the parish priest) had spoken with Jamie Fryer (Ambience Grounds Maintenance M.D) on numerous occasions about getting this sorted when funds allowed. (Jamie takes his gran to church on Sunday evening and grew up in the area) which meant this was already close to his heart.

We decided in a management meeting, that this would be the perfect opportunity to give something back to one of the local communities who had over the years and still to this day, provided us with a lot of our work force.

So with this Jamie set up a day when he could send the companies small works team to the site to get this job done, free of charge, removing all waste from site and insuring the site was left looking as good as it possibly could.

On Friday 8th July, a team of two men, spent the day on site tackling the hedge and any other works that Father Michael asked of them (which was quite a lot in the end!!!!).

The site as you can see in the pictures below, has had a massive facelift and father Michael and the local parishioners were and are still over the moon with how much better the church and local area looks now.

Please see below, Father Michaels Testimonial along with the pictures before and after.

Christ The King Church community project

Images from the project showing the work undertaken