United Communities Flooding issues

We were asked by United Communities to sort out the rear gardens of eight properties in Bristol, which had been causing them issues for the last 3 years.

We went and had a look and could see that the rear gardens were predominately clay based, meaning the lawns  were dying off, cracking up In the summer and flooding in the winter and were almost unusable all year round.

On top of this, any works that had to take place would involve having to have materials taken through and out of each property, as there was no rear access except through each building!!

We discussed the options available with united communities and the residents and it was agreed that all the gardens would be changed into patios, with drainage added under each patio and a natural soak-away installed to insure the flooding issues experienced in the past, were just that, a thing of the past.

Over the course of three long hard working weeks are fantastic landscape team have transformed each garden from the above, to now useable and safe gardens for all of the residents concerned and we think they look great!!


But don’t just take are word for it, please see below, feedback from residents (drop card sheets sent back to us) and an example of one garden before and after the works!

stone-hodges-num-20-resident-drop-card-sheet-2 stone-hodges-22-resident-drop-card-sheet-3 19-stone-hodges-resident-drop-card-feedback-1




Posted on

25th October 2016