Quality Management Policy


It is the objective of Ambience Landscapes Limited to satisfy the quality and delivery requirements of our customers at competitive prices. We will measure our performance in meeting customers’ requirements and work with them to continually improve the service that we provide.

As an organisation we will promote and implement our Quality Management Policy in a reasonable and practicable manner, attempting to continuously improve the organisations’ practice, striving to establish a culture of commitment and co-operation from all employees no matter what level, from the labourer on site to the Contracts Manager and from the Office Junior to Senior Management in the Office. The ethos of the organisation is to be an efficiently run operation; where Site Workers and Management operate as a team to attain high levels of Quality.

The promotion of good Principals in Quality Assurance is delivered to all levels through the leadership of the Directors and the Quality officer, with a culture of assistance from every single employee. Employees are made aware of their responsibilities under delivering a quality product and service with a commitment to continuous improvement.

Quality Commitment

Our commitment to providing a quality service to our customers is paramount. Quality control is organised by the Quality Officer, assisted by the Operations Manager and supported by the Office Manager.


Staff inductions form a major part of the organisations Health and Safety protocol, but also as a measure of quality in delivering best practice. Site inductions form an essential part of delivering a quality service and product.

Staff Inductions are carried out thoroughly and professionally incorporating training on quality culture and the importance the organisation places on this within its delivery to its clients. Our Team Building Officer runs one of the sessions at these inductions.

Healthy and Safe Environment

The promotion of good Health and Safety practices on site is a key objective of the organisation with all employees asked to ensure all accidents, dangerous occurrences etc are reported in accordance with the organisation’s policies and procedures. The endorsement of a safe, healthy environment ensures excellent working practices are adhered to with high levels of quality control. The promotion of this environment is the responsibility of the Health and Safety officer. Version No: 17/10/2017 13:10:00


All training within the organisation is the responsibility of the Directors. Training needs are identified on an annual basis or as and when it is essential to arrange special training. Quality of service, conduct and delivery runs as a parallel spine through our training programmes. Close liaison between the Company Directors and Team Building Officer identifies and plans training needs. A Skills Development Training Programme is drawn up during consultation for implementation. Currently the main source of training is the City of Bristol College to achieve NPTC Pa1 and Pa6.


The control and organisation of the Management team is a key aspect of ensuring the quality level achieved upon final completion of any work items. The senior management is committed to continual development of a quality culture throughout the organisation. Our Quality Officer is responsible for communicating quality policy to every level of the organisation, via training and work monitoring.

Management Information

Our Information Technologies are continually upgraded to increase efficiency and quality of reporting outputs. This enables us to control process and workflow throughout our operations. We commit to continually investing in this area if we are successfully awarded this contract.

Business Operations

Our monthly management meetings and weekly debrief meetings with key staff ensures that our Management System is used effectively to manage quality delivery of our service outputs. Combined with our core operating systems, this is used to underpin planning and accurate monitoring of progress against plans, timetable adherence and performance of delivery, including quality. We are keen to further develop the recording and reporting capabilities within our systems to monitor and measure continuous improvement as we continue to stretch our quality objectives.