Tips for the Year!

Advice and guidance on what to do in your Garden/Sites.


March Gardening tips for the Month!

Spring arrives Spring usually arrives by mid-March and the frequent sunny days provide the opportunity for an increasing range of gardening tasks. It's time to get busy preparing seed beds, sowing seed, cutting back winter shrubs and generally tidying up around the...

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February Gardening Tips for the month!

Spring is in sight This month there are signs of the approaching spring, with bulbs appearing and wildlife waking up as light levels and temperatures increase. There's plenty to do indoors this month to prepare for the season ahead. Outdoors, as the garden comes to...

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Januarys gardening tips for the month!

Often the coldest month of the year! January might be the middle of winter but as the days lengthen ever so slightly the garden starts to grow. Now is a great time to plan for the coming gardening year and to order seeds and plants. Enjoy the fresh air, on dry sunny...

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December’s Gardening Tips!

It's getting even colder Frost, rainfall and winds are increasingly common, sunshine hours are much reduced and it can be bitter with a risk of snow. You may not want to be working outside at this time of year, but luckily there's not a lot to do. Keep an eye on...

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November’s Gardening Tips!

Winter is on its way Leaves are falling rapidly, and wind and rain are on the increase. Tender plants (such as bananas) will need protecting from frost, gales and freezing rains. Move plants into the greenhouse, or into a sheltered spot, but if you can't, it is worth...

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July’s Gardening Tips!

Summer is progressing This is often one of the hottest months of the year and a great time to sit out and enjoy your garden. Keep plants looking good by regularly dead-heading, and you'll enjoy a longer display of blooms. Make sure you keep new plants well watered,...

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June’s Gardening Tips!

Summer arrives June 21 is the longest day of the year, and the extra light and warmth encourages the garden to put on an exuberant burst of growth. But this extra light and warmth also means weeds will sprout up from seemingly nowhere. Keep on top of them by hoeing...

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May’s Gardening tips!

Summer's on its way As bulbs fade and herbaceous borders grow in leaps and bounds, it is now clear that summer is approaching. Sowing and planting out bedding can begin, depending on regional weather variations, and you can take softwood cuttings. It's also time to...

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