We at Ambience are proud of are high quality service and long working partnerships, but also of what we do the help the environment and are clients. For several years now, we have been recycling all the green waste we take off our clients sites, from grass cuttings to hedge cuttings. This reduces are carbon footprint whilst keeping us inline with our goals through are iso 14001 accreditation.

our teams firstly start by loading there vans insuring no cross contamination from litter and debris, before returning it to our yard, where it is carefully loaded into are Seko Samurai Mulcher – see pics below –


This machine then mulches up the green waste and within 30 minutes produces a useable soil conditioner which we offer to all our clients for there project works. – see pics below –

We also stock pile it at Ambience Paddocks where any surplus is spread around the land rejuvenating it, ready for crops to be grown, like the beautiful sunflowers, which were used to feed the local wildlife(the birds helped themselves!!!!) – see pics below


If you want anymore information on this or would like use of the soil conditioner we create, please contact us at info@ambiencelandscapes.co.uk